01/31/05 - posted by jpulizzano
Sorry, but your contention that the Sunset was 99% white or largely white before the 70's is wrong, wrong, and more wrong. At least by the 50's and certainly by the 60's the Sunset was a melting pot with great and fantastic ethnic mixtures (much more so than today). I know. I was there and went to Lawton in the 60's. My class was totally mixed. Take a look at any archived class picture. My siblings went to St. Anne's in the 50's and 60's. Their class pictures and friendships will tell you the true story of diversity in the Sunset.

This notion that the Sunset was largely Irish and white (and I am neither) is a product of misplaced liberals who like to think that diversity was invented in the Outer Mission somewhere...

So, I think I'll start a string so people can chat about their fond memories of their ethnic playmates.

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