01/31/05 - posted by rick
WPOD and SDI resulted from the dwindling number of Irish
Along with a big influx of Asian and Filipinos starting in the early-mid seventies, especially below sunset blvd.
These conditions created a west side story type friction
In the lower sunset throughout the 1970's.
I clearly recall a big gang fight in the middle of noriaga
St one night between the white kids and the Filipinos
Around 1976.
Prior to the 70's the sunset was 99% white and largely
Irish catholic.
For the first 30 yrs or so minorities were not welcome
In most of the sunset.
I have a friend whose family were some of the first African Americans to buy a home in the sunset in 1962.
He still has painful memories of racist graffiti written on
the garage door and garbage dumped in the driveway.
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