08/14/17 - posted by Faith Brigid Henderson
Hey Y'all,

I'm sorry to say this but you are all wayyyyyy off base.

I am of the era of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties growing up and working in the Sunset...ok actually the Parkside but most people don't know the distinction so I don't bother.

These guys are my bro's.....head nod, pendleton buttoned at the neck, Ben's and yes, ubiquitously, steel-toed boots.
I had a pair of blue suede ones that rocked. I cruised the streets any time of day or night and never once felt uneasy. We did have a bomb threat my first day of high school at Lincoln. I thought it was nice to go home early.

These guys were indeed racist unfortunately, and also homophobic. Make NO mistake very, very violent when provoked. Alcohol plus drugs plus pent-up aggression equals "fuck you let's brawl." Mostly they were good boys who worked and liked to hang out and party and work on cars. One driveway off Judah Street was particularly popular:)

There was an unspoken rule that Ninth Avenue was the dividing line for "neighborhood defense groups" from other 'hoods. If they crossed that line, everyone knew about it, and it was handled and quashed very quickly. I saw some shit, let's put it that way......

I miss keggers at the Grove, four-wheeling at the beach, smoking a j at Kelly's Cove, just hanging and wrenching with a cold Bud and some tunes, the Niners championships of the 80's. That was the Sunset.
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