03/27/17 - posted by Joesph
The term SDI came from a police officer at taraval station in the late 1960's his name though well known need not be revealed it would serve no justice. What he was refurring to is a group of teenagers that used south sunset park as its home base. The majority were Irish the majority of whom had fathers as police or fire men in the city and a lot of us followed in their footsteps. We were almost all going to SH,SI, Riordan or lincoln. We smoked a little pot drank a little beer went to the teen club dances chased the girls but never went looking for trouble but we didn't run away from it we stood up as a matter of fact nobody really came looking for it either we had connections with the west portal boys the day st boys and the mission park boys and we walked the city like princes we had some seriously tough individuals that wouldn't know the word of backing down no sense naming names here but that is the truth and fact...
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