02/25/06 - posted by anonymous
SDI and WPOD (white punks on dope or white pride or die) still live. We still stay in the grove, drink, wear ben davis and steeltoes, and hang in front of 7-11. We don't tolerate Non-English speaking stores because the always give us a hard time. We hope to keep the sunset as white as possible for as long as possible just like our SDI and WPOD forefathers did.
We started as SSM (SunSet Militia), a group of kids walking in the middle of the street, yelling, drinking, and getiing into trouble.But then we started to expand our horizons and find out more about SDI and WPOD. once we found out that we had all of the same views, hopes, and dreams anout the beautiful Sunset district, we began to call ourselves SDI. Many people mistake us for another group of kids called "the grove-rats" because aparrently these kids are claiming SDI but they dont even know the meaning of what it is to be SDI. All the do is set things on fire and throw parties, whereas we do that at the same time as making the set a better place

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