02/07/05 - posted by Gloria
I am so glad that a new group of folks have found this website. I grew up in the Sunset from 1955-1969. I went to Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Lawton, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Giannini, and graduated from Lincoln in Fall of 1967. I had a wonderful time living and growing up in the Sunset. I always enjoyed going to eat at different friend's homes because my mom was from Arkansas and we ate Jello and lots of pinto beans. Nobody else had to eat the cornbread or the fried potatoes that we had at our house. My friends parents made the ethnic dishes that their countries were famous for making. I learned to have a great appreciation for lox and bagels, knugel(sp?) pizza, saussages and a host of other great foods.
The Sunset was filled with so much energy in those days and it was a wonderful place to raise a family.
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