01/23/10 - posted by jb
Sorry Gina...
discovered on-line. Seems the recipe for the holy grail of tamale sauce had passed on. RIP! but you can try to e-mail Clark Haley http://www.montanarealtymanagement.com/

Good luck in your quest.


"I'm with you. Johnson's is one of my favorite childhood memories. How they wrapped the enchiladas in newspaper and tied it with string. Served with French rolls. Enchiladas like no other place.
A few years ago, I read an article about Robert Johnson and went to his home to offer to purchase the recipe. He was very gracious and said he did not have the recipe, that his nephews did. I later wrote a letter asking him again about if I can purchase a copy of the recipe. I never received a response. I later saw that he passed away.
It was hard to believe that he did not know the recipe after all those years making those delicious enchiladas and tamales.

"Uncle was in his 90's at that time .He really did not know the recipe. Try my brother Clark Haley. He lives in Montana and he is in real estate Just type in his name and go to his site. He will love me for this. He worked in the kitchen. It was a successful family business for many years. If Uncle Bob had his way he would still have been working it. My mom Marian Haley and My Uncle Vic wanted to retire. They passed away many years ago. Uncle bob lived to be 97 in his city, with many fond memories of Johnson's Tamale Grotto"
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