05/21/24 - posted by Tim Dineen
Ah... KEWB - Channel 91! I still remember their jingle (as well as KYA and KFRC...)

I also remember late at night with my older brother tuning into KFWB - Channel 98 in LA on a perfect night. Live radio from far away places was downright magical...

I won the Top 3 singles on KEWB by being the third caller to 'KEWB IT' - give the cube of a particular number. The answer was 9 and I won:

#1 All Alone Am I by Brenda Lee
#2 Monster Mash
#3 Sherry - Four Seasons (Not positive about this one...)

That was circa 1962. 10 years later I saw Brenda Lee live at a USO show in The Philippines.

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