07/05/24 - posted by Jo Anne Q
Thank you for letting us know, Paul Dear...
I never got to meet jb, but we connected here on WNP and also through occasional emails filled with jokes, amusing comments, and sometimes points to ponder. It doesn't matter, because he still felt like he was one of my brothers! That was just the way he was...

I'm not religious. But if there is some kind of "Spirit" out there, I cannot understand why It would take someone like jb and leave others - who do nothing but gleefully create create chaos and turmoil - to continue living.

Thank you, jb, for all of the laughs, and also the deep thoughts and insights. I believe in reincarnation, so I know we will meet again. I think it would be great fun if we both came back as, say, kangaroos, happily bouncing around in amazing Australia, or Cardinals - showing off our beautiful red plumage and making people smile.
Soooo.....love ya, jb, and see you again whenever it's meant to be...
Jo Anne

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