06/19/24 - posted by Jo Anne Q
Ah, Darling jb....
You are wise and sensible, and I totally "get" the journey you have chosen to take. I, too, would rather be in my own home, taking leave in my own time and way, than stuck in some ghastly hospital - filled with sounds, and smells, and sights that make strong men and women shudder.

Of all your delightful attributes, I adore your humor best of all. And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. And I love your "lunch" idea - though for some of us, like me, it will have to be a gathering in the Outsidelands forum, since I live out of state.

I believe in reincarnation, so I have NO doubt that I will be meeting you again in another life...be it human or animal. (Wouldn't it be fun if we were both giraffes loping along the Serengeti Plain together??)

May your journey be filled with peace and love...
And, I am sending you some extra love right now to add to what you have already received!
Jo Anne
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