06/15/24 - posted by Paul Judge
Re: jb's June 12th update & sharing love and respect for John 'jb’ Byrne

'jb' your post of June 12th doesn’t come as a total surprise. YET still, it shakes the ground and weakens my knees. How we face our mortality is as important as how we seek to live day-by-day. It is so like you to truthfully share with us this most personal decision. Your bravery is as apparent as is your generous heart and soul with which you’ve shared so many times through your posts from the early days of the WNP Memories/Stories Board. 25 years ago, Woody, David, and a core of dedicated others germinated this community ‘Store Front’ history organization. Creating this Stories Board allowed a great number of people to contribute their reflections and accounts about life in the West Side neighborhoods and the San Francisco they knew and remembered.

‘jb’, you’ve been an Ace of a constant contributor and good pal on this virtual playground. You’ve tickled the funny bone and touched many with your heartfelt observations. The reflections and stories about the neighborhoods, people, events and generational changes that shape the San Francisco are etched in the WNP archives now well stewarded by Nicole and Chelsea. We are beneficiaries of the lives and achievements of our elders and in turn we pass on that which we can to the bunch who follow. You’ve done grand work here my friend. I hope with the time remaining you can enjoy a stiff drink or two in the company of those close by. Three Cheers & Fair Winds my friend.

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