05/20/24 - posted by Tim Dineen
" ... The gatherings, lunches and just fun banter seems MIA in many regards here. ...

So true, jb...

I'm a relative newcomer, here - I joined around 2006 - when I was a mere 54 years old. I was one of the youngsters in the group, But I remember sooooo many people and so many posts with so many different topics. It really has become a ghost town.

I guess part of it is just repetition... I mean, how many ways or times can a person say they remember when they swam ay Fleishackers or went down the slide at The Fun House?

Dragging our carefree youth behind us as we face the challenges of body parts well out of warranty.

At least we still have the memories of growing up in one of the most magical places on earth - at a most magical time.

Cheers, backatcha!

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