04/03/24 - posted by Tim Dineen
I like the idea of a breakout party... Complete with fine wines and fine whisky... And a wide assortment of edible foods.

Alas... I'm tethered here for a while...

I definitely have empathy on the rehab...

I started an aquatic “Stretch and Flex” program at one of our local Park & Rec pools to gain strength in the hips before replacement next month. Totally hysterical! Bunch of old farts splashing around in water for 55 minutes – non-stop. At least they know their audience and the music is good!

It’s absolutely amazing how right arm/left foot can get completely discombobulated! Bend this while swinging that...I laughed a lot trying to keep up!

But… it’s getting me moving every M-W-F provided we don’t have another appt to go to. The alternate days on the treadmill - listening to old Philip Marlowe radio shows.

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