04/02/24 - posted by jb
That would be great; however I am here for another 10 days due to a 16 day old cold that has derailed my PT and set me back quite a bit. I’ve gone from locker room star to water-boy and this is very disheartening. Sure would like this behind me.

And thanks again Angus, for your visit which was a real shot in the arm. Always a joy to see you in the first person. The Yerba Buena plant you gave me is demanding a name change but I just throw cold water on that plan.

And your stories are fascinating to hear and read and beats the hell out of Family Feud reruns. I swear, late nite Seinfeld aside, the cable tv is so limited that the company is probably paying the facility each month.

Other than tv and the food
( chef batting 0.250) but I can order a hot dog and ice cream as needed although I did het a dog the other night that was colder than the ice cream.

Well, that”s as much as I know so stay well and be glad you”re on this side of the turf.
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