03/02/24 - posted by Paul Judge
I just became aware from a posting from John ‘JB’ Byrne (AKA Dewy N. Howe) on his Facebook Page that the man has been very seriously ill and hospitalized since early January.
I haven’t been in touch with ‘jb’ as much as in times past but this is shocking and unacceptable to learn. With his many postings here on the Message Board over the 25 years
that the Western Neighborhoods Project has existed ‘jb’ in my way of thinking easily stands as “The Bard of the WNP Message Board”. If you have reason to doubt it, please do a
search of ‘John Byrne’ on the Community Message Board 'Search Window’ and allow his words to breathe again with humor, pith, and poetry. He’s what we'd call during our
West Side kid-hood, Tops!
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