• 11/07/23 McGinnis Twins of Golden Gate Heights? - posted by David Gallagher

11/07/23 - posted by David Gallagher
Surprised I'm using this old message board I built in 2006 (and that it still works) but I can think of no better place to ask this question.

I recently came into a single Kodachrome slide labels Margie & Charlotte, 1200 Pacheco, May 5, 1957 showing two blonde 7 year-old girls. Research has narrowed it down to The McGinnis family who moved to GG Heights from the Richmond in 1957 or so.. a picture at their new house!

Anybody know the McGinnis Sister, Margie or Charlotte?

here's the picture posted to a social media site https://twitter.com/DavidGallagher/status/1721968066958114926

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