10/12/23 - posted by Denny
Growing up in the Outer Sunset in the 1950s, I lived through many fogbound summer days, wondering what it would be like to experience a warm summer like everybody else in the world. I finally got to experience that in 2019 by visiting the Sunset District during an actual hot day. What a concept!

In a heat wave, when the official downtown temperature is hot, it is usually cooler near the ocean. On October 24, 2019 I heard that it was going to be around 100 degrees in downtown S.F. That meant a possible hot day in the Avenues ("hot" meaning anything above the 70s). So I got my camera and a thermometer and drove from Marin into S.F. to document this possibly historic occasion in the Outside Lands!

The result:

...drum roll please...

It was 87 degrees at the Golden Gate Bridge, and 87 degrees on 43rd Avenue. At the Golden Gate bridge, there were walkers and joggers not wearing shirts (for the men, anyway, haha). On 43rd Avenue, I walked around the block just to experience this strange and unusual hot weather. It was truly a bizarre experience for someone who grew up there and never even saw the sun during the summer for weeks on end.




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