10/06/23 - posted by Paul Judge
86°F forecast for San Francisco but anyone can tell that's just a number. It feels hotter, don't it?
Well, I truly don't know I don't live in the City that I grew up and still love. But, I'm hearing plenty from old chums still living in the Avenues.
They are seeking shade where once they'd be down at Kelly's Cove catching waves.

This is the kind of City Wx when as children we would strip down to swim wear and run through the garden hose sprinkler.
The windows of our house and others along our block would be opened wide to catch any chance of an ocean breeze.
For dinner mom would serve cold tomato soup and chilled coleslaw.
People would sit on their front steps and neighbors would share conversation, even after the street lights came on.
We’d shove blankets off the bed and sleep under our bedsheet.
Two, maybe three, possibly four days max then the fog was welcomed back. It was a time apart and special.
City life returned to normal and this perhaps yearly, uncharacteristic event was chalked up to ‘remember when…?’
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