09/01/23 - posted by Holt Macon
No. McCovey and Cepeda did not live on 47th and Quintera street. I doubled checked the 1961 SF directory and McCovey is clearly listed at 4410 Pacheco which I stated is just a half block from the Great Highway.

I don't know how long they lived there but it was probably not more than 5 years as the accumulation of their income gave them the opportunity to live at a much more sunny and warm place then the miserable cold, foggy, windy, summerless outside lands especially at the beach. I do wonder where they moved to.

I want all of you to understand how miserably cold I am living here. I am so miserable, I keep my house thermostat at 85 degrees, the temperature I got comfortable with when I lived in Florida.
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