09/20/23 - posted by Holt Macon
Angus "Myron" Macfarlane,

I am not exaggerating. I actually get hypothermia at 77 degrees inside the house. I can easily go into a chill if I sit down for awhile at that temperature.

I have worked it out scientifically that I am most comfortable at 85 degrees.

As far as the billing goes not that much in summer because I open all the curtains in the morning on the east side and in the afternoon on the west side and let the sun shine through which warms the house considerably. On sunny days I have gotten it up to a nice 92 degrees without using any furnace heating.

Even on cloudy days I can get it up to 77 degrees without any heating. Not too shabby.

There is nothing I can do however for the outdoors and I often dread going outdoors knowing the cold temperature I will have to face.

In the winter time especially, I wear 6 layers of clothing when I go out. All that extra clothing adds like 10 or 15 pounds to my body weight. It's ridiculous.

It's so marvelous when I go inland somewhere in the summertime on weekends and can walk around with only a shirt. It's like a miracle.

Surprisingly, it has not really been that hot inland this summer. I suppose it will get so on our
upcoming Indian Summer which of course will be followed by intolerable freezing weather.

That is the other thing I hate about this weather. One day you can be warmed up and the next day become a frozen popsicle. I can't stand the constant change in temperature. The winds are also intolerable.

So don't talk to me about the miserable weather here.

Maybe I should leave the area in December and go somewhere warm. Then come back in May. Yeah, only spend half the year here. But can't be away for more than a couple of days and worried house will fall apart by those miserable Winter storms.

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