08/25/23 - posted by Holt Macon
You people have been holding out on me.

I met my old-timer friend today walking on the Great Highway. He looks older every time I see him. Too bad.

He is in some things like an encyclopedia or a Chat GPT. We talked about baseball and he said that in the early 1960s almost half the Giants team lived in the Sunset.

I asked him if they lived close to the Great Highway and he said "Sure Did."

I asked him if he could write down their addresses.He said he could not do so but that he could walk me by where they lived.

Well, the walk was not too far away. We walked half a block up from the Great Highway and he pointed out where Willie McCovey lived. I wrote the addresses down. It was 4410 Pacheco just a half block from the Great Highway.

Next door at 4402 Pacheco lived Orlando Cepeda. He remembers that they used to have some good parties out there with many of the Giants Team.

Then he took me a few more blocks away on 46th Avenue at address 1859 and showed me the brick front walled house where Jose Pagan stayed with his relatives for awhile and would often visit them afterwards.

He said while driving by at that time that sometimes he would see kids in the neighborhood lined up a block long to get Pagan's signature. Why Pagan did that my friend said he couldn't understand. He had to be a good guy.

I could just see myself living out here in the early 1960s and asking McCovey if he could get his team together to play ball with the kids in the neighborhood. What a game that would have been.
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