08/27/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
I have some hazy memories of the bars and restaurants on West Portal, but the grocery stores?!? Not so much...

Circa 1974 when I worked at The Riviera Dinner House on 34th & Taraval, I worked 2-10 as cook, and 10-2 as bartender T-F-S, and back in at 7am on Sunday to cook Sunday Brunch. (Sweet youth!!)

Sundays at 3pm, Gracie, the owner, and I would hit the bars in West Portal, starting at the Philosopher's Club, then to The Portals, another whose name escapes me, and then to Batmal's - the drink of the day was Jack Daniel's Old Fashions.

Gracie was larger than life - figuratively and literally - and it was always a good time - and she paid!! By 7 or 8pm, I was hammered and on my way home to sleep, perchance to dream...

Sweet youth, indeed!
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