09/01/23 - posted by Myron "Angus" Tessler
Jo Anne: I'm not surprised at your mixing me up with Angus. My name is not universal except as a joke made fun of the movies. I posted this before and it still applies. To wit: Re: Things we no longer seeā€”again
02/13/18 - posted by Myron Tessler

Well, I almost got a great nickname, but it was not to be and I'm stuck with a name that resists nicking.
My Mother wanted to name me, so she told me, Michael but she didn't like the nickname Mike. So she named me Myron - so much better!
Later, as I realized that my name was often made fun of in the movies (remember Jerry Lewis as Myyyron?) and subsequently at school I desparately tried to find out what I could about the genus of Myron.
It appears that there is a famous Greek sculptor Policlitus who is remembered today for his Olympic rendition of the discus event - he sculpted Discobulus -look it up. Here is the hook for me- he was trained as a sculptor by another famous Greek, Myron. Not much help there as my contemporaries couldn't care less.

One other attempt produced the meaning of Myron in Greek and it roughly means Fragrant Flower. Not much help there either.

I'm stuck with the no-nickname-name Myron. My new nickname will be ANGUS. Maybe that will stick.
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