08/25/23 - posted by Myron Tessler
I have an indirect link to Herb Caen by way of his publicly disclosing a fraternity prank-that I documented here on 12/25/10 "Giants Win The Pennant--
Kim Novak, who was afraid to fly, took the train to San Francisco and was met by a bunch of UC Berkley college frat boys, me included. Because I was the only one wearing a suit I got to drive Kim, (in a brand-new 1956 Pontiac hard-top convertible with fuel-injection!) to the events for the world premier of Vertigo. Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock flew in and joined the celebration.
The fraternity welcome at the SP station was uncovered by Herb Caen and outed in the Chron. Besides the newspaper coverage and accompanying picture of the welcome, it was also documented in the book "Footsteps in the Fog" by Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal, page 76(I am the suited crew-cut handsome one on the left leering at Kim).
Ah yes, I remember it well.":
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