07/25/23 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I've enjoyed reading this! Tim!! I had NO idea you were a "celebrity" at such a young age!!! (Is it too late to ask you for your autograph?)

I belong to a Game Forum consisting of people who love playing The Sims (original) game. We are regularly given Challenges where we use all the tools and objects in the game to create the suggested Challenge theme. One theme involved re-creating the neighborhood of our childhood. I chose to re-create the 18th Avenue (between Quintara & Rivera) home where my BFF lived. Here's my Google Album link to it:

I was unable to put the homes flush with each other - if I had, they all would have had a common roof! And, because of space limitations, I was also unable to show a full back yard.
The home pretty much depicts the long, narrow homes I was so familiar with. Who can forget those cute little breakfast nooks???
You will see two bedrooms upstairs - for the two daughters, and for their Mom, and the sun room directly behind them. Downstairs is a third bedroom for the son - he moved down there during high school - to get away from the "girly atmosphere" and to work on his after-school hobby of restoring his jalopy. The furniture and furnishings pretty much reflect the way the interior actually looked. And, again, due to space limitations, I was unable to show the dining room as a separate room, or to add the "water closet," which would have been next to the entry to the downstairs garage, and provided an additional toilet.

Please enjoy my little "Sims game/Avenues Nostalgia!!"
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