07/12/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
I'm with Norm, here... Where DIDN'T I light up would make a shorter list...

But... as a high schooler, McCoppin Sq across from Taraval Station was always fun during school - there was a great batch of bushes up by the Santiago/24th corner.

The loges/balcony of just about any theater. The rear seat of the L Taraval going through the tunnel with windows open...

Hanging out my bedroom window at midnight writing a paper that was due in the morning - in longhand.. (I used to ace those papers!)

Behind Lucky Market at the end of GETS when I used to put handbills on car windshields for their gas station on 45th & Sloat. (Paid $2.05/hr when minimum was $1.35!)

Pine Lake. The Grove. The list is endless.

Once I had my own place, I had an inlaid box that sat on the coffee table that held the stash and papers along with a great roach clip in the shape of a preying mantis.

I still have the box - it now holds passports and credit cards we don't use - but the mantis finally died in Tahoe...
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