07/12/23 - posted by Leland
Well, that was a long time back and thank God I don't smoke weed no more. All I remember was that every living room you went to there was a coffee table at the center and many friends centered around it. And the wares were broken out and a huge cloud of smoke filled the front room along with laughter. It was a familiar way of socializing along with the euphoric feelings of floating as well as examining our own perceptions on our very young lives. I think we felt
somewhat indestructible. But there were many places out there to enjoy as well. Golden Gate Park was wide open as well as all the parks in the city. I mean let's face it, the whole city was firing up. I remember one day at Kelly's three or four surfers, Glenn Schott, Johnny V, and couple of others stood in a circle at the cove toking on and then out to enjoy the surf. It was a great time to be young and nobody loved that "boo" more than me.
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