06/06/23 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Sand and fleas? I believe it!
There was an area, directly facing 19th Ave. - along the side of our home, and separated by a narrow concrete walkway, consisting of a small plot that was nothing but sand and ice plant vegetation. In front of that was the sidewalk and the #28 bus stop. We called it "The 10 Feet" because that was the length of the area from the walkway to the city sidewalk.
It actually belonged to the City...but my Mom would always go out and trim the ice plant, so it would "look nice." (The City never sent anyone out to maintain it.)
Yes...it was a final vestige of the sand dunes!!

Years later, when my family home was inhabited by other people, the City finally came out, removed the ice plant "sand garden" directly behind the bus shelter and paved it over. The rest of "The 10 Feet" still remains. In this day and age of "sue-happy citizens" it's just as well that the City still owns it. If someone does a face-plant into the ice plant (no pun intended), it's the City's problem!
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