06/05/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
Time for something a bit more lighthearted...

As a kid growing up, we always called Guerneville "GuernEEville". I was probably well into my 30s before I learned the true pronunciation of the town...

Another slang expression that I still use today, is calling the Obituary page "The Irish Sporting Green".

I have no idea where the phrase came from. Many theories abound as to why that is - from guys looking to see where the next raucous wake was being held to the little old ladies in the Parish who attended every funeral regardless of whether they knew the deceased, or not.

Did anyone else call it "GuernEEville"? How about "The Irish Sporting Green"?

Anyone know the history of either?

And are there any other mispronunciations terms, or phrases you can think of that are uniquely San Francisco?


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