11/29/04 - posted by Jim Hicks
I posted this message last year on Roberts at the Beach, another popular place to ride in the city. There used to be bridal paths alongside the great highway or you could ride on the beach which was a lot of fun. I had a teacher at West Portal School, A Miss Savage, she had her own horse at Saint Francis Acadamy and would take several of us kids there each week to learn to ride. We were in the first grade at the time.

09/26/03 - posted by Jim Hicks - Jimandbhicks
I first rode at the St Francis academy by the park. I had a 1st grade teacher at West portal who got several kids interested in riding and we rode every week, English saddle. Also rode at Roberts many times. There was also a Dairy in Millbrae right off El Camino. You could rent horses there and ride open fields clear up to the skyline. No homes there at all then. This was in the late 30's

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