12/05/23 - posted by Bruce Ottolini
My dad, Art Ottolini, grew up on 7th Avenue. In the 1930's he actually worked in the St Francis stables as a youngster. My grandmother would not allow him to come into the house in his working clothes because he was always covered in fleas. He had to strip down and leave them on the back porch.
He also rode in the only Boy Scout riding troop in the City which held their meetings and practices in the stables.
On the weekends he would play polo in the park's Polo Fields.
In 1939, he rode in the Cavalcade in the World's Fair on Treasure Island. Got to be on a 4/4 program at George Washington HS so he could head over to TI for the afternoon and evening shows.
Her received special permission to wear Levis to school.
We lived on 6th Avenue when I was growing up and I do remember that when they tore the stables down, for the new Safeway, the entire neiborhood was swarmed by fleas for a number of weeks.
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