04/21/17 - posted by jb
Loved this place back in the day but they gutted all the romance and character since 2000. Used to get my haircut there in 1964 and they polished the change so women would not dirty their gloves. That died when their coin polisher retired.

Proposed to my first wife in the Compass Rose room. Wanted the band to play Unforgettable while I got down on one knee but it was the string quartet and i didnt have the nerve to wait for the jazz band. So our waiter, Clive, sang it as I popped the question and gave her a cigar band. Sadly, he moved to NYC and died of AIDS about 8 months later. That type of service and venue just doesnt exist anymore and SF has lost much over time.
But at least we can save our best memories here and share them with kindred spirits.

And no, Shortcake didnt get shortchanged. Proposed to her on a local beach with a ring made of aluminum foil and a Raisinette. Told her we"d never be rich but would never starve. So far, so good and we frequently go to this beach for coffee and croissants.

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