11/24/04 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke
Thank you for that link. Those fruit trucks and Ragmen really must have gotten around because it was the exact same experience in the Richmond District. Speaking of milk delivery, ours was Borden's and you had these little cardboard tabs on a ring with a picture of Elsie the Cow and you could select what you wanted by how you placed it in the empty bottles that you left for the driver. We were always tantalized by the exotic - and way too expensive - selections like orange juice and chocolate milk.I may be digressing a bit from St. Francis Academy but do you remember the ice machines?. I think there was one on Geary right up from the Coronet and another on Divisadero near Golden Gate. If you were lucky you could find chips of ice when you walked by. I think that they cost a quarter and the block of ice always came down with a crash.
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