08/24/11 - posted by Mary-Ann
I remember the place very well as I had some riding lessons there. To say my mother was frugal would be a polite way of putting it. How I managed to talk her into riding lessons is beyond my comprehension. But for a very limited time I was on horseback once a week riding in circles in the indoor ring.

It was disappointing to find they only taught on English saddles - and since I wanted to be a cowboy I wanted a Western saddle. We learned to sit very straight, to use the reins and grip with the knees and post when we graduated to trotting - we may even have cantered a little. I loved it.

My horse must have gotten quite bored because in the middle of one lesson he decided to roll over and scratch his back. I was startled, but not scared - I just kind of moved out of the saddle and away from him as he went down. The instructors got very excited, though - I can only imagine their panic. They immediatedly urged me to get right back on the horse which was something I intended to do anyway.

Mom never knew. She finally decided this activity was not money well spent and that ended my adventures in riding.
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