11/24/04 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke
Is there anyone out there that recollects the Saint Francis Riding Academy on Seventh Avenue between Cabrillo and Fulton? As I recall, the front was a very imposing red brick and complimented the original French Hospital and the still existing Richmond Police Station. I recall seeing pictures of a young Diane Feinstein inside the building in full western regalia, much more flattering, in my estimation, than those suits and oversize bows. I believe that she was Queen, or Princess anyway, of the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace. Anyway it would be very interesting to see any pictures of the "Academy" , which was quite fascinating to the kids in the neighborhood. Also I just recently came across a reference to the horse drawn wagons that used to traverse the Richmond District and it immediately brought back my memories of the driver calling out "Rags, Bottles, Sacks !" as he went up and down the streets.
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