06/23/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
Ah, yes... a wee dram or two of the magical elixir of Ireland can conjure up images of those Morlockian days of old...

Unlike Little Jackie Paper frolicking in the Autumn mist, we frolicked in the summer fog - not letting it dampen our spirits, for we knew that the summer fog would eventually turn into glorious sunshine in the Outside Lands... Sadly, it meant that some of the most glorious days were days we were supposed to be in school, but the Morlocks would often help us escape. Some of them were excellent forgers of parents' names.

But even with the relentless summer fog, we had our ways to escape.

Our Car Tickets and the Fey Line would bring us to Fisherman's Wharf and Muni Pier. Catching gunny sacks full of crabs and hauling them onto those magical Cable Cars we helped turn around - in the days before they lost their magic and became Disneyland Rides.

The Fey Line to Marin Town and Country Club was an escape from the summer fog. Alas, a Car Ticket wouldn't get one there. Someone needed a car. I do recall one 17 year old who got ridiculously drunk on spiked watermelons at a Star of the Sea Senior Picnic - to the point that the Nuns wanted to call his parents. Name withheld to protect the guilty.

And all of the other antics the Morlocks encouraged - all day at The Fun House, or playing all of the nickelodeons at Sutros. Shoplifting at the Cliff House Gift Shop. (The Morlocks were often bad influences.)

Yes. It's past time we placed the blame where it belongs. We were really good kids. The Morlocks made us do it.

Funny... every now and again I can catch a glimpse of a Morlock sitting in the background... Not exactly egging me on, but reminding me that I'm really not that old.

More adventures abound...

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