06/22/23 - posted by Tim Dineen

I first met many Morlocks in Honah Lee when I was puffing the magic dragon during my Magical Mystery Tour daze!

We went on to meet in Storybook Land at Fleishhacker Zoo - usually at Hansel and Gretel's gumdrop-roofed gingerbread house because a weird obsession with sweets and other fun foods would often overcome us. They must have been stealing over from their den under the pool!

We would use our Zoo Keys to access the Secret Message Boxes to send messages and could use our Car Tickets on the Ley Line to connect us to the abandoned El Camino Del Mar for more magic dragon puffing - and the occasional magic mushroom.

Of course, one does age and I no longer play along the cherry lane, although I do admit to the indulgence of the magical elixir distilled by the wee people of Ireland. Neat, of course!

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