06/22/23 - posted by Angus Macfarlane
I went to Emperor Norton Junior High in the Richmond District in the early 1960s. The brick school building had a mysterious 70-foot tall brick tower. As naive 7th graders new to the school, we were told all sorts of wild, weird, whacky and wonderful stories about the tower by the older kids.

One story was that there were actual detention cells where "bad" kids were sent to for misbehaving. Another story that circulated around the boys' locker room was that there was a "secret" swimming pool in the tower for nude PE swimming classes. WITH GIRLS. But it was by merit only. You had to have a straight A report card and be an outstanding athlete. Talk about motivation. The downside was that once you went into the tower, you ever came out again. I recall many times noticing that "so-and-so" wasn't around. Did he move? Transfer schools? Did he . . . . . ??????
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