06/04/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
Holt... I think the concept of this board is to discuss the what we know as The Outside Lands. It's The Western Neighborhood Project, after all...

While discussions do wander off to other parts of the city and the Bay Area - the focus is the area known as West of Twin Peaks. More or less.

It's about sharing our stories of growing up here, our family histories, where we worked, where we played, what we did then, and what's here, now.

Many of the regular posters here have shared their own histories. Many of our roots do run deep - it's part of the reason we're here. Another reason is to share our unique perspective of what it was like here growing up in the '40s, '50s, or '60s, compare notes, relive some of our youth, and, perhaps, offer a reason to a new transplant why something is the way it is, today.

I don't wish to silence you, but I really would like to know a bit of your history, here.

The person I see here, today, seems at odds with the grown up versions of the people of my youth. And, I'm sure you've noticed, at odds with myself.

What brings you here? What's your family history or connection? I'd love to know if we ever shared a drink (or a joint) someplace.

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