06/03/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
Holt, Holt, Holt...

You asked the question "Was nude swimming ever required in SF schools". The answer is no. You then went on about the outrage parents must have felt - for a non-existent issue.

Yes, there has been male nude swimming all over. We did it as kids at Lake Berryessa, up at the River, and anywhere else we could get away with it. All that cold water proved that all men are created equal. It wasn't required in SF Public Schools.

End of discussion.

My "Fairytale Things" weren't fairytales - they were my actual experiences in the city over 5 days. I'm sorry I wasn't mugged or otherwise ripped off or inconvenienced - but I had a great time and wanted to share that with people, because far too many people only see the negative in the city.

San Francisco - as with just about any urban center - has so many problems and issues that it's often hard to see a ray of sunshine.

The letter was my ray of sunshine for a city that I truly do love - warts and all. I stated that the city has plenty of issues to deal with - but beyond those issues are things of beauty.

Stay out of the water because you're always cold. Wear your 10 pounds of clothes because you're always cold, keep chatting with your friend in Berkeley who seems to have a pathological hate of the city, but please don't try and force your negativity on the rest of the world.

I know of the fentanyl deaths in the city, the homelessness, the exorbitant rents and housing prices - I know this - but I'm trying to say something positive, to let people know that beyond all those problems is a city that is worth saving - the city that knows how.

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