05/23/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
I delivered the News Call Bulletin and then the merged afternoon Examiner/News Call Bulletin and the merged Sunday Examiner/Chronicle.

Those papers were HUGE - both in actual size and in weight. It was an art form to be able to hold and fold the paper for reading on a bus or streetcar.

When we were in SF last week, we had free copies of the Chron in the lobby of the hotel - it was almost tabloid-sized.

I still subscribe to the digital Chronicle - it ain't cheap - and read the replica e-edition every day as well as the e-edition Oregonian - also not cheap. And the NY Times and the Washington Post - also not cheap.

I wish the latter two had e-editions because I still prefer the newspaper layout as opposed to the way articles are listed on a website.

I get that I'm a dinosaur who still prefers a wide computer screen to a hand-held device - but even more of a dinosaur who would love to have ink-stained fingers every morning after perusing a real newspaper...

Oh, well... at least I'm supporting them as best I can.
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