05/22/23 - posted by Holt Macon
At one time, newspapers were like the Internet of today especially in those days where there was no TV or radio.

Now printed newspapers are completely defunct. Only old-timers may still prefer to read printed newspapers because they were so used to it and don't have the patience or can't adjust to the thousands of irritating details you often need to know with the new technology and internet just so you can use it.

Today you can get thousands more stories and (as well as news videos) online than the stories provided in a printed newspaper and you can copy them on your computer or even have them read to you orally by your computer..

Newspapers are only surviving because they create online news as well but it is not enough.

And now a days a newspaper is not just competing with other newspapers but with thousands of others who provide news sources online.

So as far as I am concerned printed newspapers are done for good..

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