05/06/23 - posted by Paul Judge
Mr. Macon, look no further than using the 'Search' function on the WNP webpage.
Here are two items that result.

"Fog and Light" by Woody LaBounty, January 2002 https://www.outsidelands.org/sw13.php

Outside Lands Podcast Episode 142:
"Mile Rock Lighthouse". The story of a dramatic sea-surrounded lighthouse just outside the Golden Gate. https://www.outsidelands.org/podcast/WNP142_Mile_Rock_Lighthouse

Or this from KQED
Mile Rocks: A Bay Area Lighthouse Unlike Any Other https://www.kqed.org/news/11719177/mile-rocks-a-lighthouse-unlike-any-other

Plenty of history about lighthouses may be gleaned from online maritime historical sources.

Mile Rocks Lighthouse. https://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=77
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