05/01/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
The pop-up of The Jolly Friar brought back a few memories of my misguided youth...

First bar I think I could be referred to as a 'regular' was The Blue Chrystal on 20th & Taraval. It was owned by Jerry & Eddie Taylor who had liquor stores, The Red Chimney, and Val's - among others...

I worked at Pirro's down the street and would drop off pizzas and would inevitably down a few Vodka Grapes before heading back down the street. I was also a minor who never got carded. Simply order a Jack over with a Bud back just about anywhere and you'd be served. Order a Seven and Seven and it was show the ID. (They were pissed when several years later I came in a few days after my 21st birthday and showed my ID!)

Staying in the neighborhood, the other local was The Leprechaun Saloon or The Parkside. (Notice my highbrow taste in drinking establishments!)

When I lived at Tahoe in the '70s, everyone I knew was at Jacque Daniel's on 20th & Lincoln on Wednesdays. Those were usually pretty raucous evenings... It was their softball league night and drinks were cheap.

My sister, Judy, was a bartender and worked at some great places. One of my favorites was Major Ponds on California & Divisadero and Ginsberg's Dublin Pub down on Bay & Mason. Her final gig before retiring was the Old Clam House. My friend, Sonny, was a bartender at The Cliff House. At both places I probably paid for one out of every 5 drinks...

The days before computers and corporate beverage managers were perfect for getting sloshed at a minimum price!

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