04/07/23 - posted by Paul Judge
What’s a San Franciscan / Giants fan to do with this one? The Giants Home Opener at the ballpark is this afternoon.
The weather looks to be slightly coolish & dampish but that’s not the big problem.

In ecclesiastical matters it is also ‘Good Friday’ which we learned as kids wasn’t so very great for 33 year old Jew from Nazareth who got nailed that day.
So, what are good followers of their faith s’posed to do? Hold a hot dog in one hand and Rosary beads in the other?
Since Opening Day usually has all the City muckety-mucks, business honchos, Pacific Heights/St. Francis Woods well-heeled, Tech-bros and dedicated Old-Timey fans still sporting splinters embedded in their fannies from the seats @ Seal Stadium traditionally showing up — what is the archbishop and his (always his) clergy t’do? Give up their grandstand seats for Lent?
Why not? Maybe so? Lead by example - make sacrifices, just remember to wear their baseball cap after 3 hours of Good Friday afternoon mass?

Hmmm, can anyone remember from 'the old days' whether or how this conundrum of the calendar was addressed? Angus? Frank? Patrick?…others?
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