03/21/23 - posted by jb
Thanks for the kudos, Pat, and most appreciated. My intention was to tap into perhaps the best source of memories we possess and I am elated others have joined in with their heart-felt olfactory eloquence.

I am concerned that my diatribe was short on some Western Neighborhood smells so allow me to list a few more:

The track grease from the PlayLand roller coaster and the ozone generated by the Bumper Cars. I’d get writer’s cramp from PlayLand alone and hope others will fill in the gaps.

That cumin/onion smell at the Hot House revived whenever I make chili.

The smell of the zoo from those apes
who thew “dirt.”

Zim’s had an aroma all its own that screamed “I’ll have a Zim-Burger” when you first walked in.

One whiff of the deep-dish blueberry pie at Mel’s was intoxicating.

Stern Grove in the rain was heavenly.

Lake Merced after a low water level was close to Cajun.

Sliding down the ice plant by Fort Funston had a sweet aroma till we’d get home with those terminal stains on our pants.

And I’ll close with that special smell of Christmas from the tree lot on 19th Ave.

And just for you, Pat, I’ll toss in that miasma from the sewage reclamation plant right next to your fire house🤣

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