03/24/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
Back circa 1953, we lived in the projects on Connecticut St. The first real San Francisco smell I remember is the coffee roasting at the Hills Brothers plant.

Then the sometimes stench crossing the Third St Bridge.

The smell of wild fennel the year we lived in South City - on Diamond Avenue - the street that led to SSF The Industrial City. It was fun playing on those letters.

Then there were the crab pots boiling away for walk-away crab cocktails on Fisherman's Wharf - and the bay at low tide...

The ocean.

The Lion House and the Pachyderm House - those were pretty "unique."

The stables on Wawona and Great Hwy.

And, yes... iceplant, gardenias and all the other wonderful flowers at Hougassian Flowers - our neighbors on 46th Ave when we first moved in in 1958.

The smells of Edgewater Delicatessen on 46th & Taraval with Frank & Grace running the show.

Any concert in Golden Gate Park...

The list goes on and on and on...
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