03/20/23 - posted by Barry Wertz
JB -
You've opened my olfactory memories and feel compelled to join your journey of common-scents. I remember them all.
I'm a born and raised Sunset rascal. Life began one week before Pearl Harbor. For more than half a century I've lived away from the City. One segment of my nose recall was..I worked the City swimming pools. Three nights a week at the North Beach facility. After school (Lincoln) took the L downtown to Powell and transfer to the Cable Car to Columbus and Lombard and work. On that ride it was 'That' smell of the burning wood brake blocks on the steep down hill descent. It still permeates the district.
On that same route I always wondered what it would be like to stay at one of those grand hotels along Powell Street. As it turned out and over the years my business brought me back to the City and I had the pleasure of staying at most..Handlery, St Francis. Sir Francis and.the Chancellor, my favorite hide-away.
Now I'm long retired and visit my Sister and family down in Morgan Hill..just south of aromatic Gilroy.
Thanks for the Nose
Barry Wertz
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