03/15/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
I was a South Sunset kid - from 46th and Ulloa. I missed Tiny Tots as we didn't move into the ancestral home until 1958. I started 1st grade at the new Ulloa next door to the playground but transferred up to St Gabriel's within a couple of months.

There were a lot of the same activities at South Sunset - from ceramics and lord knows how many other activities - to ukelele with Mrs Daniels, who also played the organ at St Gabes. There was also a children's chorus.

There was an annual Christmas Chorus in the rotunda at City Hall with kids from all the various playgrounds in the city filling the steps. One year - maybe 1962 or 63 - I presented Mayor Christopher and his wife a book of Christmas Carols "on behalf of the children of the Recreation and Parks Department."

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