10/10/22 - posted by Paul Judge
The sudden death dealt to AM radio station KGO 810 is reverberating through out the Northern California listening audience.
Once again the whims of corporate $$$ takes precedence murdering a broadcast station that addressed local and national news and current issues vital to its listenership. Suspicious also that the change to a different format one devoted to online gambling takes place so close to the November election. With San Francisco, state and national election issues at play the timing couldn’t be worse for registered voters seeking credible sources of election information.

Cultural reporter Peter Hartlaub has a poignant column in the October 8, 2022 San Francisco Chronicle.

"KGO was once a local talk radio juggernaut. How could it die so fast?”
KGO was the pinnacle of local radio from 1978 to 2009. Now the news talk format has been abandoned.
How did the powerhouse station of Ronn Owens and Dr. Dean Edell die so fast?

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